eproconnect – the collected information of a week full of mail-X-press news.

Once a week we send eproconnect with the collected information of all mail-X-press newsletters of the week. You want to update the information of your mail-x-press newsletter meanwhile?

No problem, actual updates are always possible with us and can be added whenever you want. .. and the newsletter-recipients will be informed about your update by our almost daily sent update-information, too.

Your advantages

  • Highest circulation, reaching up to 60.000 specialised ICT dealers.
  • Self-researched addresses collected by our own call-centre.
  • High opening rates held by restrictive circulation (eproconnect 1 mail/week

and update-information max. 1/day).

  • Free programming in HTML with optional response coupon.
  • Direct link to your homepage.

At eproconnect we combine the sending of concentrated purchasing

information for the specialised ICT trade with the speed and up-to-day

significance of the internet.


We send the new collected information on a weekly basis, 

every day we add updates according to customers wishes,

to keep the specialised ICT trade always informed as it´s best.


Would you like to to learn more about it? 

Feel free to contact us and we will inform you about all the further details you need to know for your success, using pro connect mail-X-press and it´s additional issue – the weekly newsletter: eproconnect .