Every day we are happy about our extremely faithful and long-term client base.
At the same time we welcome and serve our new clients with the same cordialness and professionalism as our regulars.

We guarantee a consistent high quality of our products for the sake of our customer´s satisfaction. More than that we constantly work on the maintenence and expansion of our distribution-list, as well as on the sharpening of our analysis tools.

Among our clients are:

EPSON Deutschland GmbH (Logo mit Backlinks)

TAROX Systems & Services GmbH  (Logo mit Backlinks)

PULSA GmbH (Logo mit Backlinks)

Comline AG (Logo mit Backlinks)

Bressner Technology GmbH (Logo mit Backlinks)

Deus GmbH (Logo mit Backlinks)

POSBank (Logo mit Backlinks)

Rationkontakt (Logo mit Backlinks)


But listen to what some of our clients have to tell about us and our products:


L.O., Head of Marketing, EPSON Deutschland GmbH

EPSON Deutschland GmbH


C.P., Leader Multi Cannel Marketing, TAROX Systems & Services GmbH


S.Z., Leader Marketing, PULSA GmbH