The Eastern European markets are becoming more and more dynamic and are characterized by higher growth rates than the old markets in the West. 

That’s why pro connect has moved to East and launched the new mailing list mail-X-press east.

Enjoy dynamic eastern markets. 

Due to the lower competition, the prices for wholesale are more attractive. 

mail-X-press east is your exclusive professional mediator for successful communication for specialised ICT traders in Eastern Europe.

Your advantages

  • Highest-circulation, reaching up to 20.000 specialised ICT traders in Eastern Europe.
  • Self-researched addresses collected by our own call-center.
  • High opening rates held by restrictive circulation with only 1-2 newsletters/day.
  • Free programming in HTML with optional Response Coupon.
  • Optional free opening rate counter.
  • All e-mails additionally visible online at “Actual Newsletters” 

Want to learn more about it? 

Feel free to contact us and we will inform you about all further details you need to know for your success, using mail-X-press east.


Here you get to the actual pro connect mail-X-press east Newsletters.